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Etiquette for Engineers gives STEM professionals the procedures and tools to succeed in the sometimes-foreign world of social etiquette.

Just as in engineering, there are established protocols and expected behavior. If you want success in business and in life, then this book “Etiquette for Engineers (E4E)” is written just for you. Simple tips, great diagrams, and stories of lessons learned make this a fun and exciting read.

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If you’ve had painful experiences in social settings, or never noticed when you were out of sync with the crowd, then this book is for you.

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A curated list of resource links assembled to help your team of STEM professionals develop proper etiquette habits.

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If you are a manager with a team of technical people, you know how important it can be to learn social skills so they can maintain credibility in all settings and be listened to for their technical expertise. We offer team training to build on the lessons of the book with expert instruction and fun roll playing. Your people will leave our course with social confidence and enthusiasm to go try out their new skill set.

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If you can appreciate the logic of base-lining taste before adding salt or pepper or exploiting the space time continuum to your hosting advantage, then we wholeheartedly recommend this book!

Cherlynn Conetsco and Anna Hart
Authors – Service Etiquette, Fifth Edition

I wish someone had given me this book twenty years ago! From how to make introductions to which fork goes where, this book is packed with practical tips and useful advice – perfect for anyone who occasionally feels awkward in social situations.

Judy Schramm
CEO – ProResource, Inc.

A concise overview for any engineer or business traveler looking for a step-by-step guide to the essential skills in mastering professional interactions at home and abroad.

John Holman
CEO – Pax Advisory