The Book

What’s In the Book?

Who is that? What do I say? Where do I sit? Which fork do I use?

  • You’ve met this guy 100 times, can’t remember his name, and now have to introduce him to your boss
  • You go to shake her hand, miss the connection, and bump foreheads
  • After the hello, you freeze and your conversational mind blanks…moments become an eternity
  • You approach the table and haven’t a clue where to sit
  • You’re lost as to which fork to use, silverware becomes silver-which-one

Do these phrases sound familiar? Yes? What if there was an easy-to-understand etiquette guide that could help science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals become comfortable and confident in social situations?

What if you could replace your “queasy” with “easy?”

Etiquette for Engineers takes years of “been there done that” etiquette smarts and wraps them in a quick and entertaining read. Just for you.

If you have experienced painful experiences in social settings, or worse never noticed when you were awkward and out of sync with the crowd, then this book is for you, your associates and your LinkedIn contacts.

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